#NDAM: Half Marathon Training

National Diabetes Awareness Month: Day 5!

I’ve been training for a half marathon for about three months. That in and of itself is not an easy task. Add T1D and it’s about ten times harder!

Yesterday I ran my furthest distance ever: 12 miles. I get nervous before every run because as much as you can plan and prepare, sometimes diabetes just does it’s own thing and you’re gonna have to deal with some issues on your run. If you go low, you have to stop. If you go high, your body exhausts itself.

Meanwhile, you have to figure out if the pain/fatigue/nausea/whatever else you might feel on a long run is due to diabetes or simply just from the stress of running. And based on that judgement, you have to decide how you want to proceed. This is an area where it’s really easy to misjudge and make a mistake!

Balancing your energy levels AND your blood sugar levels is not easy either, and honestly most of the time for me, it’s a guessing game. It’s an educated guessing game, but a guessing game nonetheless.

I am very proud of myself for completing my run yesterday. I have learned so much in the last 3 months, and crossing over that finish line on November 19th is going to be extra sweet! #T1DYouDontSee #NDAM



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