#NDAM: You Don’t Ever Get A Break. Ever. Never.

National Diabetes Awareness Month Day 3!

Diabetes is 24/7. For almost 13 years I’ve managed T1D *constantly.* Holidays, weekends, birthdays, and yes, even while sleeping! (I’m kind of super woman.)

But even super woman struggles with this. Feelings of pressure, anxiety, insecurity, fear, and self-doubt creep in while managing diabetes.

Not to mention….it just gets tiring. Mentally. Physically. It is exhausting. (Which leads to a host of other issues, like diabetes burnout).

Basically…I’ve got a lot on my mind. All the time. And hopefully this gives you a better understanding of what I mean when I say that I’m tired. I’m not just being lazy. I’m not being dramatic. It’s just that I have a bunch of stuff scrolling through my mind every second of every day!



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