Bucket List

The Live Your List podcast by Jerrod Murr and Ryan Eller changed my life! Living intentionally is important, and part of the way you can do that is by having a bucket list. Below are my bucket list items. I’m sure this list will be ever-evolving! What’s on yours?

– See the Northern Lights
– Meet Dwayne Johnson
– Be a mother
– Have twins
– Have LASIK
– See the Cardinals in a World Series game
– Bench press my weight
– Dance with Derek Hough
– Go to Australia
– Swim with dolphins
– Do the splits
– Go on a shopping spree in Chicago
– Go to all 50 states
– Ride a gondola in Italy
– Climb the Eiffel Tower
– Float in the dead sea
– See the Christ the Redeemer Statue
– Go to Machu Picchu
– Go surfing
– Visit my current favorite places with my husband
– Read the 100 greatest books of all time
– Give a family in need $1,000 at Christmas
– Visit the Grand Canyon
– Visit the Grand Tetons
– Go to Seattle
– Go to Portland
– Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
– Help someone who also has Type 1 Diabetes
– Raise $10K to donate to JDRF at the JDRF One Walk
– Be interviewed on National TV
– Create a set of “Happy Monday” cards and help change the way Mondays are viewed
– Take a cooking class
– Meet Lady Gaga
– Successfully carve a pumpkin
– Be in a play
– Pet an elephant
– Spend Christmas in a nursing home with people that don’t have family
– Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to its full extent
– Dance with a dance crew
– Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center
– Run a half-marathon
– Memorize my favorite poem, Desiderata
– Write a blog post that goes viral
– Recite the alphabet backwards
– Spend a whole day in my underwear
– Buy a really stupid novelty item from ebay
– Host an event with Kevin Buchanan
– Host a show with Kevin Buchanan
– Get my a1c to 6%
– Go to Germany
– Go on an Alaskan cruise
– Go ziplining
– Be nationally recognized for something. (Something GOOD!) 😉
– Meet a president (current or former.)
– Start a Type 1 Diabetes camp for adults
– Chase a tornado
– Have a song dedicated to me unexpectedly
– Get paid to model something
– Become a Jack Canfield certified trainer
– Be in the audience for the Super Bowl half time show
– Write a book
– Perform an open mic night at a comedy club
– Learn sign language
– Speak at the largest JDRF event in the world
– Go to Disney world in another country
– Sing a duet with Brett
– Learn how to read music again
– Learn the Big Apple
– Learn the Dean Collins shim sham
– Visit the pyramids
– Celebrate my birthday in a different country
– Share a meal with a homeless person
– Go on a mission trip to help children in a third world country….several times.
– Build something
– Get my daughter ready for a father/daughter dance
– Get my son ready for his first ball game
– Hear my kids stick up for each other
– Take a family photo on the same day every year
– Learn how to play chess
– Write a song for my sister to sing
– Learn to play an instrument I’ve never tried
– Teach a line dance at the wildhorse saloon
– Be able to recite the alphabet backwards
– Be a mentor to a young woman
– Go swing dancing in NYC
– Get paid to model something
– Learn how to play a sport
– Learn a new type of dance
– Send my favorite teachers and professors thank you cards
– Plan an elaborate surprise for someone I care about
– Be with a T1D when he or she is told they no longer have type 1 diabetes
– Choreograph and perform a dance
– Have a walk in closet
– Give out 100 five-dollar gift cards in one day to random retail employees in my community
– Conquer a fear
– Get featured in the media for something I am proud of
– Read a book on a subject I have never thought about reading
– Go 24 hours screen free
– Give a commencement speech
– Dance everywhere I go for a day
– Go one month without spending money on anything other than necessities
– Establish a foundation
– Attend an event where I get to wear a ball gown
– Study a different religion
– Eat a Voodoo donut



Items Checked Off the Bucket List + Reverse Bucket List Items

– Performed at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC)
– Been a college Mascot
– Walked on the Golden Gate Bridge
– Been to Vegas
– Had a major room upgrade because we were on our honeymoon
– Saw the Twin Towers
– Went to the top of the Statue of Liberty
– Been in the outdoor audience at the Today Show & saw Earth Wind & Fire
– Been part of a flash mob
– Learned to swing dance/Lindy Hop
– Rode a train
– Saw all the landmarks in Washington DC in one day
– Been backstage at the Opry
– Had a conversation with someone famous
– Parasail
– Touched “The Bean” in Chicago
– Rode the Ferris Wheel on the Navy Pier
– Been to Hershey Park in PA
– Been in a viral video
– Been to Disneyworld
– Met one of my favorite musicians: Jason Mraz
– Been in the St. Louis arch
– Been in the world’s largest observation wheel (now in Vegas)
– Ran up the Rocky steps
– Devoured a philly cheese steak in Philly
– Met the Rockettes
– Completed the Warrior Dash
– Ran The Color Run
– Worked the red carpet for 3 CMA Awards shows
– Danced in a swing dance competition
– Designed a tattoo for someone
– Rode a moped in a mascot costume
– Played in a handbell trio, playing 13 bells with no sheet music
– Accepted to Vanderbilt Grad School
– Got on the jumbotron at a sporting event
– Went to a Stanley Cup Playoff game
– Went to Harry Potter World
– Went dancing in New Orleans
– Work for Jerrod Murr and Ryan Eller
– Rode in a hot air balloon
– Skydiving
– Emcee a professional conference


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